why i became a photographer

Hello Out There

Its true. I am back. I am back from medical school.
Darling thought I was in a coma. I mean bears do hibernate. I was given to darling to take care of her when He isn’t here. I figured I better up my game.
She needs a lot of taken care of. She is a little. Shhhh. it’s kinda a secret.


Poor darling

I hear her crying at night with no one to comfort her..she won’t talk to me.  This wasn’t spose to happen to her again…her little 💓..broken….

What is a bear to do?



Layers in Black and White


As brilliant and defining as it is
Color often blends things in my mind’s eye.
Taking the color away allowed me to see the layers.

I wonder the story of this tree.


Always look for different perspectives and you won’t feel so alone.


Lavender Look up


Look up photo challenge

Hanging to dry..oh the intoxicating aroma!!!



Using his wings like sails he soars yet without flight


Say cheese

Like a top ten list- holding steady this week – the question: why does swiss cheese have holes?

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