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I was just asked if I was trafficking darling’s socks.  Missing sock announcement on a milk carton.

3 Seconds with Tiggs

Tiggs is ToraPrincess’ tiger

i interviewed Tiggs and asked the question that every stuffy wants to know, “Coke or Pepsi?”.




a little’s world

Accept every part of yourself…bear wisdom


stuffy time

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Sleeping Together

She took me in her arms

I felt her warmth

She squeezed me a little

I melted into her;

we slept.

The next morning I found myself back in my cave.  It wasn’t a dream.  I awoke a happy bear.

Everyone Has a Past

Yes even me- Wilbear.   My memories are foggy almost like I have lost time.   I have had several lives in one lifetime.  I was on the streets of California/ gangsta style which is how I got the name Sir Cool a Lots.  That seems like a lifetime ago.

Currently I live with darling and her village.   I used to go on all her big adventures and she would take pictures of me.  I felt very important in her life.  I was her best friend.  Even with the addition of GSM I was still the star.   He was my bodyguard.  

Then I went to the cave.

GSM went with her in the car as her body guard.

As you know I decided to go to medical school- it was like hibernating.

Darling and I still have fun but she told me not to call her that anymore.  It is not her name.   She is not darling.  That identity no longer has a seat at the table.   What to call her “little”?

I am keeping my name. 



Hello Out There

Its true. I am back. I am back from medical school.
Darling thought I was in a coma. I mean bears do hibernate. I was given to darling to take care of her when He isn’t here. I figured I better up my game.
She needs a lot of taken care of. She is a little. Shhhh. it’s kinda a secret.


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