A bear trying to make it in this world

Sleeping Together

She took me in her arms

I felt her warmth

She squeezed me a little

I melted into her;

we slept.

The next morning I found myself back in my cave.  It wasn’t a dream.  I awoke a happy bear.


Everyone Has a Past

Yes even me- Wilbear.   My memories are foggy almost like I have lost time.   I have had several lives in one lifetime.  I was on the streets of California/ gangsta style which is how I got the name Sir Cool a Lots.  That seems like a lifetime ago.

Currently I live with darling and her village.   I used to go on all her big adventures and she would take pictures of me.  I felt very important in her life.  I was her best friend.  Even with the addition of GSM I was still the star.   He was my bodyguard.  

Then I went to the cave.

GSM went with her in the car as her body guard.

As you know I decided to go to medical school- it was like hibernating.

Darling and I still have fun but she told me not to call her that anymore.  It is not her name.   She is not darling.  That identity no longer has a seat at the table.   What to call her “little”?

I am keeping my name. 



Hello Out There

Its true. I am back. I am back from medical school.
Darling thought I was in a coma. I mean bears do hibernate. I was given to darling to take care of her when He isn’t here. I figured I better up my game.
She needs a lot of taken care of. She is a little. Shhhh. it’s kinda a secret.



Layers in Black and White


As brilliant and defining as it is
Color often blends things in my mind’s eye.
Taking the color away allowed me to see the layers.

I wonder the story of this tree.


Always look for different perspectives and you won’t feel so alone.


Lavender Look up


Look up photo challenge

Hanging to dry..oh the intoxicating aroma!!!



Using his wings like sails he soars yet without flight


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