why i became a photographer

Great Blue Heron Drying

Great Blue Heron Cooling

The Heron stood drying himself off in the sun.

I witnessed this vulnerable pose, gasped in awe and curiosity, and took a quick picture.      I was just amazed at this beautiful bird.  I felt the vulnerability yet it seemed not to have any body image issues.


Bee Love

a close up picture of a bee on a white blossom

I concluded this, having been stung by both,  that there are many similarities with love and and the sophisticated bee.

The maker of the exquisite sweet.

It has its own dance; I’ve heard the music.

The pollinator.

Love is all around us; in everything.

I became a photographer to learn more about nature. 

Engraved Spare Photo Challenge

building engraved


  • (adjective) Additional to what is required for ordinary use.
  • (adjective) Elegantly simple.

This building, set by the railroad tracks, is adorned with a most peculiar frog.  I decided to engrave it to capture the simpleness of it.

Great Blue Heron 001

Great Heron

I watched this beautiful bird stand motionless except for his eyes moving until he struck lightning fast.      Ardea herodias- heroic.

Nikon D5300

Then There Was … — Nature’s Place

… one. Winter is coming and the bees are struggling to hang on. Regardless of the conditions they, she, can be found at dusk on the same grass stem as yesterday. As summer ends their numbers are no longer replenished. The young won’t waken until the temperature rises again and the moisture in the air […]

via Then There Was … — Nature’s Place

370,000 bricks

lighthouse 004

Each tells a story of the light house keeper.  

Nikon D5300

Wilbear Slim Shady


I got new sunglasses today.  Besides things looking more interesting I was told that my face is looking like a Greek Bear sculpture (chiseled).   I have that air of mystery.  I am a puzzle for you to solve.

word of the day: cement

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug?

_20150210_184208 (1)

Voracious invader; How did you get here?

Your piercing-sucking mouthparts feeding on leaf and fruit tissue.

Injecting your digestive enzymes to extract nutrients leaving disfigured fruit with necrotic spots for us to find.

Science has discovered your mortal enemy:

a parasitic Asian wasp.

That stinks for you.



Sharing the Sky

storm coming

I watched as the sky was first shared then taken over by the darker heavy water laden clouds.  I wondered for a minute which side of the sky I was most like?

Wilbear is like the white clouds; i scatter and reflect all the visible colors of light which together add up to give white light.

Maybe when light contains all colors, we perceive it as white.

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