A bear trying to make it in this world



Layers in Black and White


As brilliant and defining as it is
Color often blends things in my mind’s eye.
Taking the color away allowed me to see the layers.

I wonder the story of this tree.


Always look for different perspectives and you won’t feel so alone.


Lavender Look up


Look up photo challenge

Hanging to dry..oh the intoxicating aroma!!!



Using his wings like sails he soars yet without flight


Say cheese

Like a top ten list- holding steady this week – the question: why does swiss cheese have holes?

Koi and Playful


A living work of art. 

Doitsu Hariwake; its yellow color gets deeper with sunshine. 


Our River Otter

River Otter in Pond

This adorable member of the weasel family is surveying the pond while it treads water.  River Otters are cute entertaining bundles of energy who eat a lot because of their high metabolism. They are opportunistic apex predators.


Great Blue Heron Drying

Great Blue Heron Cooling

The Heron stood drying himself off in the sun.

I witnessed this vulnerable pose, gasped in awe and curiosity, and took a quick picture.      I was just amazed at this beautiful bird.  I felt the vulnerability yet it seemed not to have any body image issues.


Bee Love

a close up picture of a bee on a white blossom

I concluded this, having been stung by both,  that there are many similarities with love and and the sophisticated bee.

The maker of the exquisite sweet.

It has its own dance; I’ve heard the music.

The pollinator.

Love is all around us; in everything.

I became a photographer to learn more about nature. 

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